2021年11月4日15:00,本期做客XT直播间的嘉宾是来自TRDC 上市经理Faiz Hamza。错过直播的小伙伴一起跟着xt君来回顾一下此次直播主题AMA吧!


本期做客直播间的嘉宾是来自TRDC 上市经理Faiz Hamza。错过直播的小伙伴一起跟着xt君来回顾一下此次直播主题AMA吧!


(Q:XT.COM  A:Faiz Hamza)



Hi, everyone! Welcome to the XT AMA Channel. XT is honored to invite TRDC today. Let me give a brief introduction to XT first.

大家好,欢迎来到XT AMA频道!今天,我们邀请到TRDC的嘉宾做客我们的AMA。首先,请允许我简单地介绍一下XT。


XT.com is the world’s first real-time social trading platform with 0% leverage interest. The XT ecosystem has over 6 million global users with a daily transaction volume of close to $5 billion. The platform has real-time indicators and tools that bring the best trading atmosphere for all users.

XT.com是世界首个杠杆率为0%的实时社交化数字资产交易所。 XT生态系统拥有超过600万来自全球各地的用户,日交易额近50亿美元。 XT交易平台有实时指标和工具,可以给所有用户带来最佳的交易氛围。


XT Group governs the XT Exchange, XT Capital, XT Labs, XT Academy, XT PooL, and among additional institutions, which comprehensively lay out the industrial chain of digital asset ecology.

XT Group 下辖XT Exchange、XT Capital、XT Labs、XT Academy、XT PooL 等机构,全面布局数字资产生态产业链。


XT exchange’s innovative social model empowers the blockchain industry through newly developed social trading avenues, which were once not possible. XT has achieved this through a combined effort with our partners, like Btok and Tapatalk.



Today, our guest is Faiz Hamza Let’s talk to him to learn about TRDC.

Hello Faiz Hamza , thank you for joining us for the XT and TRDC AMA!

今天,我们邀请到了来自TRDC的嘉宾Faiz Hamza。让我们跟随嘉宾的步伐,深入了解TRDC吧。

Faiz Hamza,您好,欢迎来到XT和TRDC的AMA!



Hi,This is Hamza, pleased to meet you. I believe it’s import to introduce myself as the Listing Manager of TRDC. I have been working in the crypto currency field for 8 years and one of my biggest concerns was and still how to help new and small investors to make safe and profitable trading and learn about this field, hence the idea of the project.

大家好。我是 Faiz Hamza,很高兴认识大家。我想重点介绍自己是来自 TRDC 的 上市经理 。我在加密货币领域工作了 8 年,我最关心的就是如何帮助新型及小型投资者在交易时既能了解这个领域,又能真正做到有利可图。因此有了建立这个项目的想法。



Can you give our audience a brief introduction of TRDC?




TRDC or traders coin is a utilities platform designed in first place for new traders to offer them the ability to win money prizes through trading competitions created to teach them successful trading and market terms. It offers decentralized wallet tracking including gained profits, losses, entry points and exit points executed by the user. It aims to make trading strategies easier to execute by beginners like whales wallets operations’ cloning. These strategies are in forms of 3 wallet systems, C, S and X.

TRDC ,英文全称TradersCoin是一个实用平台,为交易新手们设计,赋予他们能力去通过交易竞赛来赢取奖金,并且教授他们如何进行成功的交易和学习市场术语。它提供去中心化钱包跟踪,包括盈利、亏损、用户执行的进场和出场。它旨在使新手们更容易执行交易策略,例如复制鲸鱼钱包。 这些策略采用 3 个钱包系统的形式,即C、S 和 X钱包。



Can you tell us a bit about TRDC swap? What is its advantages and at what point it is safe and secure? And Can you explain to us briefly what is c s and x wallet?

你能告诉我们一些关于 TRDC swap的信息吗? 它的优点是什么,在什么时候它是安全可靠的? 你能向我们简要解释一下什么是 c s 和 x 钱包吗?



TRDC swap will be decentralized and linked to your wallet as pancakeswap or 1Inch are linked. The advantages is that the swapping is only a part of the platform purpose.

The platform is going to be a training center for investor to try and sharpen their skills. It will be a node in the chain of solutions under development of the TRDC team.

C wallet offers history of your transaction, it allows you to track your trading operations and your performance. The other two, S and X are basically strategies and means used by some veteran traders to predict potential successful trading deals and emergency exits. They will make those strategies easier to execute by beginners.

TRDC swap将去中心化的并链接到您的钱包,因为 pancakeswap 或 1Inch 是相互链接的。 优点是交易只是平台目的的一部分。

该平台将成为投资者尝试和提高技能的培训中心。它将成为 TRDC 团队正在开发的解决方案链中的一个节点。

C 钱包提供您的交易历史,它允许您跟踪您的交易操作和您的状况。 另外两个 S 和 X 基本上是一些资深交易员用来预测潜在成功交易和紧急退出的策略和手段。它们将使初学者更容易执行这些策略。



Are these the only strategies adopted by TRDC project?

这些是 TRDC 项目采用的唯一策略吗?



For a start yes, but not for the long term. We tend to provide the project with veterans experiences and expertise to make the platform a reference and a door for some to safely start investing their life savings.




Can you introduce the core team members of TRDC We hear that the team is highly experienced, can we get some examples?

能介绍一下 TRDC团队的核心成员吗?我们听说这个团队经验丰富,能举一些例子吗?



TRDC team adopts the idea of decentralization in all its forms and we work as an integrated team and without centralized decision-making.

In the team, there are some who had experience in forex since 2006 before moving to crypto starting from 2011, 2015 and 2016. There are some with experience in the field of marketing for over 15 years. On the technical level, we have recruited competent blockchain developers and we are opening the door for experienced blockchain developers to join the team and collaborate with us in the making of the platform and make it even stronger and richer.



在团队中,有些人从 2006 年开始就有外汇经验,然后从 2011 年、2015 年和 2016 年开始转向加密货币。有些人在营销领域拥有超过 15 年的经验。 在技术层面,我们招募了有能力的区块链开发人员,我们正在为有经验的区块链开发人员敞开大门,加入我们的团队,与我们合作打造平台,使其更加强大和丰富。



Can you give our community a brief introduction behind the inspiration to build TRDC?




Scam projects, or specifically, the rise of scams tokens and coins created after Corona crisis and used people ignorance and greed to steel their life savings.

So, what we seek is to teach new traders how to work in this market and how to buy and trade and take profits and provide them with experience.

We will do everything necessary to achieve this goal in terms of developing our project and linking it to these goals.







In the Crypto industry, what do you think of the current state? What do you think that needs to be improved?




The market is evolving and will develop more, and the market cap will double in the coming years. All we hope is that some policies of countries that prevent work in this field will change, and we hope that there are things that facilitate work in the crypto market, and the most important thing is awareness and understanding from the world of the concept of the crypto currency. In addition, we hope that there are solutions to the fight scam Tokens and coins.




How does the TRDC team plan to tackle these issues to reach mass adoption?




Our project fully supports this idea, as our main goal is to educate and teach traders, in addition ; we recently launched a crypto forum to try to educate people in this field, identifying its benefits and risks, sharing their opinions and attracting expertise, with rewards of up to 400k $ to motivate them.

我们的项目完全支持这个想法,因为我们的主要目标是教育和教导交易者们。此外, 我们最近推出了一个加密论坛,试图教授该领域的人们,分辨好处和风险,分享他们的意见并吸引更多专家,并提供高达 40 万美元的奖励来激励他们。



What is your timeline, and what can we look forward to from TRDC?




·Finish TRDC swap V2

·Finish TDRC swap application.

·Finish TDRC wallet.

·Listing in 2 exchange platform tire 1. Enter new markets and have strong base communities in Far East Asia Europe and Africa.

·Marketing Expansion

●完成TRDC swap V2

●完成TDRC swap申请。


●在2个交易所平台上市 1.进入新市场,在远东亚洲欧洲和非洲拥有强大的基础社区。




Anything else do you want to share with our community?




We thank you all and hope that we have answered all your questions, and we invite you to take the opportunity to be one of the investors in our token, as the current prices are still considered early comparing to our goals. But keep in mind, hold is gold.

We are willing to expand our communities each time we have enough people working and managing them. Already three, Arabic, English and Turkish. But there are not enough, traders and especially new, are all over the world, and the majority don’t speak those three languages.





Thank you, Faiz Hamz, for taking the time to do this AMA with us today. It has been great learning more about TRDC and the team behind it!

Faiz Hamz,感谢您能参与我们今天的AMA,非常荣幸能对 TRDC及其背后团队有更深的了解。